We are pioneers in the printing industry, and this is particularly true with regard to our ground-breaking production standards.

The industrial, standardised production of printed material in accordance with ISO 12647-2:2013 is classified by the Offset Printing Process Standard. This norm determines colouring and paper standards and process monitoring methods.

The Offset Printing Process Standard provides both the printing industry and customers with the necessary assurance that the final product can be consistently reproduced at the highest quality.

WALCKER has been surpassing the minimum specifications in its printing for many years. Two examples:

1. The colour control systems which are integrated in all our printing machines regulate the grey balance of colour printing. The improvements of this method in terms of quality are significant, especially for difficult and sometimes monochrome images.

2. At WALCKER, a calibration curve for setting the plate exposure is stored in the CTP workflow for each printing unit in relation to the paper quality that will be used. The actual dot gain is checked against the target specification of the Offset Printing Process Standard on a daily basis.

Ultimately we strive for one result: perfection and satisfaction, both for ourselves and for our customers, in order to establish long-term collaborative partnerships.