Innovation Award

WALCKER receives award for sustainable treatment of the climate and energy.


We have been working hard for decades to save energy.

We always aim to handle materials and energy in a resource-efficient way in our
production. Early on, we introduced heat exchangers to use the excess heat from
the drying process for heating the premises of our company and of neighbouring

A building management system with over 2,000 sensors monitors the operating
conditions every day and adjusts working systems as needed, with the aim of
using as little energy as possible. Large caches serve to limit energy use when no
or only limited production is taking place. In summer, an absorption refrigeration
system processes the excess heat from production to cool the printing presses
and ventilate the production halls. As a result of this alone, we have reduced our
CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes per year.

We have no direct influence on the manufacture of the paper that we use. Often,
the type and quality of the paper is determined by the customer. What we can do,
however, is limit the volume of cargo generated, by keeping transport distances
short and by sourcing our paper from manufacturers in southern Germany and
Switzerland as far as possible. All waste and bleed from the actual production
process is recycled.